About Us

Dr. Wanda Jeanty

Dr. Wanda Jeanty was born in Haiti and her family then lived in Canada and Africa before moving to the US in her teenage years. She earned her MD degree from Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia and a Master of Sciences in International Health from New York Medical College in the US.

As a public health educator for more than 10 years, Dr. Wanda Jeanty worked in cardiovascular and maternal-fetal medicine research and also taught healthcare to a diverse population of adult learners in different settings.  She realized quickly that she was impacting students’ health and fulfilling their dreams of working in the healthcare field. Unfortunately, the constraints and bureaucracy of academia led her to realize that she could use her talent and skills to impact people globally. In 2013, she started her own health and wellness service, Not Another Diet Wanda, to help women with digestive and mental health challenges who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the constraints of a diet, feeling guilty or deprived. And then in 2019, an opportunity of a lifetime presented itself where she became a certified mental health first aid instructor/trainer. 

You can live a life that you truly want with optimal health.!

In talking to many women, she found a need to improve healthcare outcomes by educating healthcare providers in addressing mental health as part of their treatment protocol. In addition, she extended her services to include assessment and implementation of wellness programs for organizations willing to reap the benefits of healthier and more productive employees.

Dr. Wanda Jeanty now travels the world to virtual and live events to educate men and women on healthy nutrition without dieting and include mental health as part of any healthcare system. She believes that you can live a life that you truly want with optimal health.